Now that you have gained insight into 10 simple ways to whiten your teeth just in the last post, I will give you some basic tips; to prevent yellowness in the first place!

a) Keep a regular routine of brushing everyday. More than twice if needed. Brush after eating sugary items.

b) Avoid drinking soft drinks like Pepsi, Coke, etc. as much as possible as these cause yellowness.

c) Try using a straw to consume any drinks or beverages like coffee, fruit juices, etc. to reduce teeth exposure to the staining beverages and other drinks. This way, it will directly pass to your throat and will not affect your teeth.

d) Consult your dentist if the problem persists, as yellow teeth may just be a result of some infection and or teeth problem.


e) Avoid smoking, drinking red wines, other alcoholic drinks, black tea, etc. as it removes the whiteness on the teeth and slowly causes yellow stings.


f) Drinking plenty of water and rinsing your mouth after every meal will help clear the bacteria and other micro – organisms on the teeth. This will help your teeth have the pearl shine it so deserves!


We all want perfect teeth. But how hard can it be to achieve? It’s so easy if we just take care of our precious 32. Let’s take a pledge to prevent and fight this yellowness using these natural remedies. Keep following for more such updates!

Aashi xx