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REVIEW: Stay Quirky

With about 200 different products - from nail polishes to nail care items, is leading nothing less than a movement to empower women to Stay Quirky! It's like they've made the same potions Powerpuff Girls made in our childhoods and are bringing magic back to our lives! 💅 ✔ High shine ✔ Chip free [...]

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GIVEAWAY ALERT! (25th-30th Jan ’16)

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Participate now to win free gifts! ~ For this giveaway, you don't need a public profile and don't even need to repost any picture! ~ 2 lucky winners will be chosen who will each receive any 2 organic RawKingJuice bottles of their choice by@letsrawking 👌 3 simple rules to be followed: 1. Follow [...]

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Here is another MAJOR GIVEAWAY, as promised by me at 20k followers! Thank you again. Here is the link: 20K Giveaway by Aashna Malani, participate today to win a big goodies bag (will include 10+ stationery items as well as accessories)! 2 simple rules, one to follow me, @aashnamalanii and @snackandstyle and two, to tag as [...]

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Top 6 Beauty Trends of 2015

What's the first name that comes to your mind when people talk about trend setting or fashion? The Kardashian- Jenner clan? Absolutely! From using fake lashes to a heavenly contour, whatever they do is PERFECT. So here are the top beauty trends of 2015 for overview. As 2016 just ended, let's take a minute to [...]

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5 ways to grow long, healthy eyelashes

Why use chemicals when you can go natural? While eating healthy and exercising regularly is important, here are 5 simple other ways you can get naturally long and healthy eyelashes! 1. Remove Make - up –  We all know how important it is to remove make-up properly every night. But what if you’re tired ‘cause [...]

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