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MOVIE REVIEW: Waiting (2016)

Waiting reminds you of the beauty of human bonding through powerfully emotive performances by Naseer and Kalki. Picture Courtesy: Google   Theatrical Release: 27 May 2016 Stars: 4/5   What would you do if your significant other is comatose and you are left in the waiting room of a hospital, yearning for them, waiting [...]

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REVIEW: Plum (Mattifying Moisturizer & Light-stay Day Cream)

Plum recently sent across two products from their range and I must say, I am absolutely in love with one of them! So much so, that it has become a part of my daily regime! The two products were: Plum green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer and SPF 30 Grape Seed and Sea Buckthorn Light-stay Day Cream. [...]

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INTERVIEW: Devika Sekhar, Holii Manager

We all know and are big fans of Hidesign, a premium leather brand! Hidesign and Future Group together worked hard and created their baby brand, Holii. A lot of you might have seen this brand in malls, etc. This brand has sky-rocketed since it's birth and is known for it's great quality and beautiful designs. Today, [...]

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REVIEW: Cute Little Things

One of the cutest brands for nightwear recently collaborated with me and I can't tell you how much I loved their nightwear pieces. They have a wide range of designs, prints and pieces available on their website which are all gorgeous in their own ways. From Cute Nightwear to Lingerie to Accessories to Swimwear, you name [...]

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Assorted Cupcakes by Chef Shipra Khanna

  Shipra Khanna, winner of MasterChef India Season 2 brings to you her special recipe for Assorted Cupcakes on my website under Special Features by Chefs. So try, enjoy and share!     ASSORTED CUPCAKES Everyone’s favourite - Assorted Cupcakes! Be it a party or just a treat for dessert, these assorted cup cakes will be appreciated [...]

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REVIEW: Jabong (Beauty: Make-up Category)

As promised, I am back with yet another review for one of the top online shopping apps: Jabong. This time I am going to review one of my favourite categories from this app, Beauty. There are many sections under beauty, so let's get more specific. How about make-up? Something we all do, however little. Many use [...]

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REVIEW: Kairtis Oil

To start with, my grandmother is an arthritis (a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints) patient. She has been undergoing dialysis on and off since more than 8-9 years now and is a proud survivor. It isn't easy for kidney patients and I am so proud of her for being so strong throughout. [...]

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REVIEW: Mystery Box (Hot summer edition ’16)

You must have seen many blog-posts revolving around summer theme recently. From tips, tricks to supplies, we have got you covered for this hot weather. I am back with yet another review for the Mystery Box, this edition being the Hot Summer one. It has some really great supplies you shouldn't miss out on! . [...]

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Summer Bummer to Summer Love ∞

Summers are all about crazy adventures under the sun, fashion on the streets, beauty in our minds, food experiments in our houses and lots and lots of ice cream. But a lot of the times, summer is a bummer! Even genies from cold bottles can't make it go away. . While we want to enjoy [...]

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