Discover the Food Lover in You through Hyderabad-Eateries

The exclusive charm of Hyderabad comes from its continuous assimilation of the hi-tech hub with ancient heritage; the amalgamation of Andhra cuisine with rich Nizam culinary in every single street of the city. From Crunchy Dosas to Biryanis to Luqmi- all will have any foodie, fall in love with the town’s elusive offerings. And, while [...]

5 Types of Biryanis You Must Try

Doesn’t your mouth start watering once you hear someone say “Biryani”? Biryani is one of the most loved Indian dishes and it's absolutely yummy. The best part about biryani is that it has a huge variety to choose from and all of them are delicious. So here we have the best five biryanis that every [...]

Masaledaar Bhutta by Chef Jerson Fernandes

Monsoons are here and who better to look for food advice from than Professional Chefs! Today we have with us Chef Jerson Fernandes, Corporate Chef, Berggruen Hotels and his recipe: Masaledaar Bhutta. So try, enjoy and share!     Masaledaar Bhutta INGREDIENTS: Corn husks- 2 nos Butter- 20 gms Salt- 1 tspn Pepper corn crushed- 1 [...]

RECIPE: Salted Lassi

When it comes to summers, our body demands some refreshing drink to chill our minds. Are you too lazy to make any complicated drink? We have a solution for you right here: Salted Lassi. This enhances and rejuvenates your mind in this hectic schedule. It improves digestion, stomach problems, muscle mass. Lassi is a pro-biotic drink which provide only [...]

EVENT: Delhi Summer Food Festival ’16

Summers bring a lot of joy to us and of course one of those joys is Food! Summers are here and it's time to welcome delicious dishes with it! Yummy food keeps us going and gives us the right nutrients to fight this harsh weather. And TEAM AM is filled with foodies, which is why we [...]

REVIEW: Kochar’s Dhavala (Green Tea)

Green tea, as we all know, is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. This includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits. It is thus very important to add Green tea to our daily diet and Kochar's Dhavala has come up with [...]

Assorted Cupcakes by Chef Shipra Khanna

  Shipra Khanna, winner of MasterChef India Season 2 brings to you her special recipe for Assorted Cupcakes on my website under Special Features by Chefs. So try, enjoy and share!     ASSORTED CUPCAKES Everyone’s favourite - Assorted Cupcakes! Be it a party or just a treat for dessert, these assorted cup cakes will be appreciated [...]

REVIEW: Mystery Box (Hot summer edition ’16)

You must have seen many blog-posts revolving around summer theme recently. From tips, tricks to supplies, we have got you covered for this hot weather. I am back with yet another review for the Mystery Box, this edition being the Hot Summer one. It has some really great supplies you shouldn't miss out on! . [...]

Drink Your Summer Away

With summer comes the scorching and uncomfortable sun’s heat. Our bodies burn, sweat pours down our brows and throat feels parched. While the temptation would be to reach out to ice cold frizzy drinks thinking they may rejuvenate us, let me tell you that they do more harm than good. They may momentarily quench our [...]

Blue Berry Cheese Cake by Chef Shipra Khanna

      Shipra Khanna, winner of MasterChef India Season 2 brings to you her special Blue Berry Cheese Cake on my website under Special Features by Chefs. So try, enjoy and share!       Blue Berry Cheese Cake   INGREDIENTS: 2 ½ cups cream cheese 7 cups whip cream 2 ½tbsp gelatine 1 [...]