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Tired of Hair-fall? Here’s the Answer to Your Hair Woes!

Time and again I have heard that switching shampoos is good for the hair. Not just from relatives but some magazines too, support this statement. They say, "Every 2-3 months you should change your shampoo to keep your hair healthy and long. Shampoo build-up is not good for hair and it can leave your locks [...]

11 Ways Travel Makes Your Life Better

Change is probably one of the toughest things that a person can ever come across. We are well attuned to the surroundings and people we are most comfortable with. We totally forget about the world that awaits us outside our comfort zone. Every human being needs some time to relax and ditch their daily hectic [...]

5 Tips To Help You Shine Bright Like The Sun

Every woman dreams of having picture-perfect, flawless skin. In an endeavor to turn this dream into reality, we try out almost all the beauty and skin care products available in the market. The markets are full of products that promise you to give your skin instant glow. Harsh cosmetics and bleach present in the products might [...]

5 Simple Monsoon Skincare Tips

Changing seasons demand changing skin care regimes. Monsoons are already here and although we love rain as it's a great excuse to eat scrumptious food with a hot cup of coffee or tea but the humidity that sets in, makes this season unfavorable for our skin. Our skin gets really oily and patchy in this weather [...]

Basic Foot & Ankle Care Guidelines

Foot and ankle play a very vital role in normal locomotion. They not only bear the body weight while walking but also execute the action of walking in such a way so as to make walking an energy efficient process. In order to execute this function meticulously the following are the pre-requisites: There should not [...]

REVIEW: TreeWear

We are all looking for ways to save Mother Earth. Schools teaching us to recycle, colleges having best-out-of-trash competitions, offices having recycling bins and families trying not to litter: every person is trying to do their own bit. Adding to this cause, one of the brands I recently worked with, TreeWear is all about creating a [...]

REVIEW: Kairtis Oil

To start with, my grandmother is an arthritis (a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints) patient. She has been undergoing dialysis on and off since more than 8-9 years now and is a proud survivor. It isn't easy for kidney patients and I am so proud of her for being so strong throughout. [...]

Drink Your Summer Away

With summer comes the scorching and uncomfortable sun’s heat. Our bodies burn, sweat pours down our brows and throat feels parched. While the temptation would be to reach out to ice cold frizzy drinks thinking they may rejuvenate us, let me tell you that they do more harm than good. They may momentarily quench our [...]

REVIEW: The Body Shop – Japanese Camellia Cream (Spa Range)

Latest Spa of the World Range from The Body Shop offers everything you need in a spa experience – escapism, relaxation, revitalisation, and pure bliss. You can now turn your bathroom into a ‘spathroom’, filled with professional quality products, in modern sophisticated packaging, and pamper yourself daily with luxurious ingredients and tantalising fragrances that will instantly transport your senses to far-flung lands. [...]

CAMPAIGN: “Safer Roads, Safer You” Initiative by Goodyear Tyres India Is One Of The Best CSR Of This Year

We are all very emotional when it comes to being with our loved ones. Who wants to lose their family, cousins or even friends? While we cannot change our fate, we can certainly be careful. Every life is precious and every life is connected to many other lives. Why risk our lives for something futile? [...]