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The Story of I: Blurred Lines

Stitch it together, in seamless bonds Till the lines are blurred My tears and your too-dry eyes That speak without words Far beyond our horizons, far away from here In a place where pain cannot exist Streaming in rivulets down my cheeks South of this moment, there exists a dimension Where no one is hungry [...]

Q and A #1 | Aashna Malani | About Me & My Life

Hello hello. I'm finally here with my first YouTube video - at least the one in which I am talking anyway haha (I'm sure all of us remember the Bajirao Mastani one). I hope you like this video, don't forget to comment and subscribe to my channel - Aashna Malani! So here's my first attempt [...]

The Story of I: Let Me

Let me drink you from my eyes, Let every sweat of my palm tickle on your neck, Let me fill my mouth with every name of yours, And let every claw of the meaning of your name scratch the skin of my throat, Down my spine, ruin me!   Let me do with you what [...]

The Story of I: Broken Could Be Beautiful Too

But, She wasn't born beautiful, She has evolved to be one; Adapting to the failures, struggles and those scars; That did take long to heal, but eventually, Added that eternal elegance to her soul. Although her body still shows places where she had been hurt by life, But she flaunts them as medals of her [...]

The Story Of I: No one, But Herself

She sat in a room, Staring at the blank walls, With all the emotions that screamed in her head, Afraid to face the world and scared of their words, She waited for someone to give her a new life but, The fate had planned something else, She wished she could die but, She was destined [...]

The Story of I: She, A Paradox

An irreverent soul full of mischief, A playful smile always written on her face. Her charm, humor and wit, Are sure to catch your heart in a beat. She is a paradox of sort, Warm but distant; sweet but aloof When she comes near, let her be Else she flies like a bird, far and [...]

The Story of I: The Air Balloon Of Life

Millions of humans. Billions of stars. Infinite sky. And yet I chose you. You! Look how easily this sky turns blue. How it acknowledges the presence of the dark. How despite tiny twinkling accomplices, solitude is its song. Do you feel it? Did you just see? How the gush of wind emolliently kisses my cheeks. [...]

The Story of I: A Woman of Extremes

I love passionately. I hate murderously. I feel intensely. No lukewarm for me.  Like a pendulum I swing, Extremes are my abode. Moderation repels me. Mediocrity scares me. I abstain from the status quo. Loggerheads with the Patriarchy. I often stir my daiquiri, people and situations alike with my sassiness. Sometimes I attract them, other times [...]

The Story of I: Love Is About That

Pull the arrows from my heart, The blood must run, And the fields of insanity are craving for love.   You still have the passion, my darling, to slay other's hearts, You still fancy young lovers with soft skin and glowing desire, rising on a tide of emotions.   Young partners make you immortal, make [...]

The Story of I: Of Gas Stations and Oblivion

  I remind myself of parks in nearly abandoned towns, of gas stations too deep into the countryside. Things you need, but not really.   Someone once told me that they'll remember me as the girl whose idea of fun was solving Rubik's cubes and Sudoku puzzles. Like somehow, being slightly uncommon in the vast [...]