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We are all looking for ways to save Mother Earth. Schools teaching us to recycle, colleges having best-out-of-trash competitions, offices having recycling bins and families trying not to litter: every person is trying to do their own bit. Adding to this cause, one of the brands I recently worked with, TreeWear is all about creating a balance in our planet’s environment as well. TreeWear carefully designs their contemporary clothing keeping one’s comfort, enjoyment in mind along with raising awareness about working with the planet to improve our environment, and planting trees.

There are a multitude of reasons for planting trees some of which include air purification, prevention of soil erosion and an increase in bio-diversity. Essentially, they have chosen to act ‘responsibly’ towards the current situation of our planet’s habitat by planting more trees for every garment purchased. TreeWear works with organizations creating positive change in our environment. It’s simple, for every garment bought, a tree gets planted. Using locally-sourced materials, certified low-impact AZO-free dyes, minimal treating and recycled packaging, they’ve tried to minimize the footprint of each of their garments – from farm to you.

Here I proudly present to you, my certificate for the trees that were planted for the clothing that TreeWear gifted me:


Starting with the packaging, when I received the products, they were packed like this:

All the three tank tops were packed in Recycled bottles and even the cover was of recycled paper. We talk about taking responsibility of our environment, well how good is this a start? I love how everything has been recycled and is still hygienic. Without using any tape or glue, the two bottle parts have been mingled together to create the perfect packaging. Responsible clothing, responsible packaging.


Coming next to the product, here are what the tank tops looked like:

Available in various designs and colours, these are each priced at INR 990 (yes, a bit high but you know why). The quality of all the tank tops is amazing and definitely worth what it costs. All these tops are made of 100% pure cotton and are thus very soft and comfortable. All the designs have been inspired by nature and I really love the concept of some of them! As you already know, for each tee that you buy, TreeWear plants a tree and you get a certificate as proof. You can even track your tree on their website!


Final Verdict: Overall, I love the initiative and support it completely. This project is a great step towards saving our environment, thinking about Mother nature instead of just ourselves. We’ve harmed her enough, it is time we give something back by taking care more. So responsible clothing is a great idea and we should all try it out! Who knows, it might just become the next fad. And remember, for every tee or top you buy, you be the hero of a new tree!


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