Setting the latest trends: Men

Just as the women have been coming up with new trends and styles, the men of our society are not much behind in trendsetting. They go on with the latest of the trends and try to look as  sassy as possible. We often don’t notice but there is always a guy who catches our eye and we just can’t stop looking. They’ve successfully managed to set a trend, enough to hold our attention and even compliment them!

Don’t believe me? Check out these 5 cool apparels they’ve been showing off with poise!



Loafers, since 2013-14 have been the most influential apparel for men as well as women. They mark a statement and with right kind of loafers a person can frolic!




A double breasted coat looks so much more classier than a single one! The double buttons bring so much of attention to the look. Your suit doesn’t need a loud plaid pattern or thick banker pinstripes, you’ll be able to pull it off anyway!



From crepe soles to wingtip, Brogues know how to talk, very much similar to Oxfords. The  cap of the Brogue forms a design which looks like a “W”, and on the other hand an Oxford is plain on the cap. The Brogues look best if the colour is beige, tan leather or a shade of brown.



Why the word ‘chinos’ strikes sartorial amazement  into the hearts of certain men remains a mystery to us till now!
Basically, Chinos are cotton twill trousers, sounds better,eh? Chinos always look better slightly tapered and either rolled at the hem. To have the best pair up, A chino always looks good with a grey, navy , blue or white.



From Aussi to America and to everywhere! These jackets are the most EPIC jackets to be ever worn by both men and women. Usually worn by students in American high schools and colleges who have met  a specific  level of participation in a specific sport.


Men, like women too care about the upcoming and ongoing trends of fashion. It is no secret that men like to dress well and impress the ladies. More than the ladies, themselves! We might not notice, but every man has a distinct style, a distinct taste and carries off clothes in his own unique way. There’s a story behind every style. Are you observant enough to notice the styles of the men in your life?


– Ritika Sachdeva.

*All pictures have been taken from Google.

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