REVIEW: JAKE (Cake In A Jar), Whipped

It is finally Holi and guess who my date is today? JAKE, yes! With no strings attached, he is the perfect partner. One of the most loved bachelors in town, he comes in different flavours to suit your cravings and needs. Flavours include Mud cake, Mixed berry and cream, Oreo crunch, Crunchy coco, Coco tira, Red Velvet and Baileys triple decker. Every jar is priced at INR 499.

With so many varieties left yet to taste (all to be reviewed soon!), my date for today is Mud Cake.


Mud Cake


This Jar came packed like this, in a Whipped box, with a sweet note inside wishing me “Happy Holi!”. The delivery guy also advised to keep this jar in the fridge as soon as it was received.



Happy girl


When this box was opened, these were the contents of the box. Those who follow me on Snapchat (aashnamalani) would have seen this surprise unwrap as soon as it was received.


Contents of the box


JAKE (Cake in a Jar):



This Dessert Boutique started its journey in 2009 with a very unique concept ready to execute. Combining food and lifestyle, Whipped has won many hearts and one of its specials include JAKE. Trendy, exciting as well as tasty. The perfect trio for just INR 499. The quirky idea mixed with exquisite ingredients bring you an experience that you will never forget! The team ensures that each jar will hold a special place in your hearts and that you won’t be able to resist going on another date with JAKE.



Sinfully chocolaty, the Mud Cake melts in your mouth leaving you wanting for more. Created with a lot of love, this mud cake can make your day. Whether you’re sad or happy, a few bites and you’re good to go. This cake also helps with midnight cravings and is enough for a few as it’s heavy. While it feels very light at first, you won’t even know before it has already satiated your hunger. This is also perfect for all those cranky days and times when you’re swinging from one mood to another. JAKE brings you comfort and calms you down like a baby!


Don’t believe me, go try it yourself! Whipped has one of the best desserts I have tried till date. While they only deliver in Delhi for now, I really hope that every one, not just Delhites, get a chance to try JAKE. Change your status from single to taken ladies, JAKE is here to sweep you off your feet!


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