CAMPAIGN: Organic Harvest

Campaign Organic Harvest: An Initiative by Organic Harvest, where we pledge to reduce the use of chemical laden products and initiate use the Organic Beauty products.
Bonus: Free Skin Analysis happening on 12th, 13th & 14 Feb. 2016!
Organic Harvest – Free Skin Analysis Details
A new language of love #organic. ❤
This Valentine’s Day, try something new, something unique and useful. This Valentine, grace your beloved’s face with organic nourishment. 💕
Organic Harvest Brochure
 While flowers, chocolates, rings and huge stuffed teddy bears are the usuals for this day, there’s nothing more awkward than the hesitant “aww, um.. thanks!” reaction to getting a stuffed animal as a grown adult. This awkwardness won’t last anymore! With Organic Harvest, now you can experience the love in its purest form which will make you fall in love with your youthful and radiant self. 😊
Organic Harvest Brochure and Products
Here is what you will have to do:
1. Know the age of your skin
2. Check-in on Facebook
3. Grab Free Goodies
I’m going to the event. Are you?
Let’s make this Valentine chemicals free and adopt the natural, the organic way. Let’s find beauty in nature and turn this red day, GREEN! Make your loved ones promise to flush out the harmful chemicals and find solace in organic products. Why harm your skin when you can protect it with Organic Harvest? Organic Harvest cares about your skin, it’s time you do too!
Go check out the event today!
Aashi xx
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