REVIEW: Plum – NaturStudio All-day-wear Kohl Kajal

I’m always looking for dark and prominent eyeliners and recently I stumbled upon Plum Goodness¬†NaturStudio All-day-wear Kohl Kajal cum eyeliner.

I’m so impressed with this eye pencil! It’s smudge free as well as waterproof, two things that are very important for me. Just like it claims, it is an All-day-wear Kohl Kajal which stays on throughout the day. Perfect for when I have to shoot. Even if during rain or in the sun! It doesn’t mix with my other ¬†make-up and doesn’t even burn my eye or lead to any allergies.

It also comes with it’s own flip-tip sharpener which means that I’ve to never worry about ruining the pencil or breaking it while using some other brand’s sharpener. It’s sharp and does its job perfectly with the kajal. The complete package is actually a boon for us beauty lovers. Busy days, busy schedules, who has time to apply kajal again and again? This one really saves the day, eh!

Since I am not a big fan of kajals, I’ve been using this as an eyeliner mostly and my-my it is so good! So it’s a two-in-one, win-win situation with this. If you love such kajal-cum-eyeliners, you should definitely try this one!

Kajal is priced at INR 425 and with sharpener, INR 499. Available online.


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