The Right Shade of Red for Your Skin Tone!

Red lipsticks are a makeup bag staple. Different red lipsticks have different undertones to them and finding the right shade for your complexion might be intimidating but we can fix this problem for you!


The first step towards finding out the right shade for yourself is to find your skin’s undertone. You just need to carry out this simple test to find out your undertone:

  • Go out in the natural light and flip over your wrist and notice the colour of your veins. If they are green in colour then you have a warm undertone and if you have blue or purple veins then you fall into the category of cool undertone. It might also be possible that you see both green and blue veins. If this is the case then you’re neutral-the lucky one!
  • Another way of finding your undertone is to look whether silver or golden jewellery suits you! If silver jewellery suits you more, then you have a cool undertone and if golden jewellery compliments you,then you’re having a warm undertone. If you’re confused about what suits you more,then you’re most likely to be neutral!


Picture Courtesy:Google

Picture Courtesy:Google


  • If you have a cool undertone look for a blue-blue-based red lipstick. Blue-based reds tend to be deeper and more crimson reds and they have rich tones. Remember to stay away from warm pinks. Red lipsticks having a touch of pink are a no-no for you!
  •  If you’re the cool ones try the Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Crimson Lip Shine, Mac Russian Red or Maybelline Colour Show Lip Matte Bold Crimson.


Picture Courtesy: Google


Picture Courtesy:Google

Picture Courtesy:Google


  • If you have a warm undertone then search for lipsticks with an orange tint to them. This will add a pop to your face. Stay away from rich tones of red and blood-red. If you’re the warm one, you can try the Mac So Chaud Lipstick, Mac Lady Danger, Revlon Fire and Ice!


  • If you have a neutral undertone then you’re the fortunate one! Any colour would suit your skin tone as it’s a mix of both cool and warm undertones.


Undertones really help to find the perfect lip shade for you. There are oodles of shades available in just one colour like ruby woo and Russian red from Mac. They both are red in colour but have distinct undertones to them which makes them different from one another. Now the next time you go to a beauty store,you know which lip shade to pick and how to pick!

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