Top 5 desserts For Those Cranky Days

You know she is on her days when she is all cranky and exploding like a dynamite for every silly reason. Here are some secret desserts that can help set back her emotions to normal! Trust me, she will thank you for this.


Surprise her by taking her to this dessert paradise named  CHOCOVAULT at HKV. The first look of this black forest ball served with hot chocolate can melt even an executioner’s heart! All you have to do is ask her to pour the hot chocolate onto the the black-forest ball and see her smiling when the outer crust of the black forest melts popping out a small cake.

Blackforest cake

This sinful dessert is a native of Bread and More in Punjabi Bagh. This dessert has the naughty Crunchy effect at the bottom part. With every sinful chocolate bite, her mood swings will be just under control and finally the bottom crunchy part would be her delightful sin.

Chocolate cakes

Picture taken from Instagram: Bread And More



Whether its Coffee ,Caramel, Vanilla or Red velvet macaroons, these new lit hybrid desserts are totally delightful. The crunchy-gooey macaroons are one of the uber desserts from Sugarama Patisserie at Shahpur Jat. The outer part is all crispy and crunchy and the inside part will simply melt in her mouth.




Jake (cake in a Jar) from Whipped at GK 2, has already won many hearts . So, this three shades of love comes from their new menu. The perfect three layered creamy chocolate-y and topping of white chocolate, Triple Decker is a pure mental bliss and satisfaction.




Even when she is in her worst state of mind , this scrumptious Red Velvet Waffle from CHOCOVAULT will straight away hit the limbic system in her temporal lobe. Do I even need to describe further what this dessert would mean to her? You’ve got to make her try this yourself!

Red Velvet

So these are some of the tried and tested desserts that won’t fail you on her cranky days. You have got to make her try them. Whether it is your best friend or your girl friend or your wife, these hacks will make her calm down and make her feel better. After all, she deserves some care and affection during her bad days, doesn’t she?


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